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  • by Olivia Tromm
  • Consultant, Strategic Relationships, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Three ideas for accelerating technology adoption within your RIA firm

Olivia Tromm - Consultant, Strategic Relationships, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Olivia Tromm, Consultant, Strategic Relationships, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Over the past few months, I’ve been consulting with a large RIA firm that transitioned to a new customer relationship management (CRM) system. In an effort to remain neutral, I’ll equate the scenario to “transitioning” from owning and driving a 1997 Honda Civic to a 2015 BMW.

Leadership was ecstatic about all of the efficiencies and process improvements they felt the modern system could bring to their organization. However, they had a big problem. On a recent catch-up call, they told me, “Olivia, we were really excited about the new CRM and it truly has everything we need, we know it does. But, no one wants to use it. My colleague and I are literally going to people’s desks one by one to get them out of their chairs to come to the scheduled technology trainings. What are we doing wrong?” The bottom line: No one wanted to drive the new BMW.

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  • by Kate Healy
  • Managing Director, Institutional Marketing, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Welcome to National LINC 2016!

Kate Healy

Kate Healy, Managing Director, Institutional Marketing, TD Ameritrade Institutional

I think I ended last year with over 65,000 air miles under my seatbelt. I’m not necessarily proud of that number, but I do want to share that a major component of that travel is time spent headed to conferences—industry events, key client and sponsor events, and National LINC. So, I think I have a fairly informed opinion about what makes a great event and what constitutes “time well spent” … time out of the office that you’d otherwise be spending meeting with clients, growing your practice, and managing your firm.

I can say confidently that LINC is just that—time well spent. We have a comprehensive and wide-ranging agenda and we certainly recognize that it’s simply impossible to attend every one of our sessions. But our goal in creating such a full agenda is to ensure that we meet the needs of every one of the 3,200+ attendees we’re expecting. That’s right—over 3,200 people gathered to network, exchange ideas about the issues facing our industry, and share best practices with colleagues. We have more than 250 sponsors—all hand-picked product and solution providers who are there to understand your needs and how they can help. We’ll offer more than 100 educational sessions covering pretty much everything you ever needed to know (as well as some new ideas you might not know that you need to know!).

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  • by George Tamer
  • Managing Director, Strategic Relationships, TD Ameritrade Institutional

3 ways to communicate value in a down market

Managing Director, Strategic Relationships, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Managing Director, Strategic Relationships, TD Ameritrade Institutional

“As Managing Director of Strategic Relationships my team and I help independent advisors pursue their business goals by helping them implement industry best practices including marketing and business development, workflow processes, and technology usage”

There have been around 30 market corrections since World War II1. You know that corrections don’t mean calamity. But with cable and online news outlets sensationalizing market downturns, a dip can cause average investors to overreact and question the value of their financial advisor.

A successful value proposition reminds clients of the big picture, demonstrating how you are helping them stay on target to achieve their life goals like retirement, paying for college, transferring wealth, and creating a legacy for their families.

Here are 3 effective strategies that we have seen that help advisors to promote their big-picture value and to help clients to understand that the value you provide transcends the market.

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National LINC 2016: As it happens

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