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  • by Vanessa Oligino
  • Director, Practice Management, TD Ameritrade Institutional

“What I learned from my client advisory board. . . .”

Vanessa Oligino

Director, Business Performance Solutions,
TD Ameritrade Institutional

Going forward, according to a Gartner survey [1],  89 percent of businesses will compete based on client experience. Who better to ask how you’re doing on the client experience score than your clients? And while client surveys can be helpful, you can likely get better, more genuine insights through a client advisory board. A client advisory board can provide you with valuable points of view and observations on your current services, new things you are considering, your brand, pricing, and more.

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  • by Brooke Pinney
  • Editor in Chief, Advisor Solutions Magazine, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Celebrating Summer Reading

FB_1200x630_2Where did the idea for a summer reading list begin? School assignments before you went on to your next year? Or maybe it was just the idea of sitting beach or pool side and having time to dig into something new, let your mind go off on an adventure, or bone up on career skills. Whether you tote around your e-reader, prefer a trusty paperback, or visit multiple blogs in any one sitting, it’s time to celebrate summer R&R . . . & Reading.

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  • by Taryn Grimes

The Human Finance Project: Women in Finance

Earlier this year, TD Ameritrade Institutional launched the Human Finance Project—a movement designed to elevate the RIA model and help redefine what it means to be a Financial Advisor. With her powerful storytelling skills, Taryn Grimes was selected to act as our moderator in the development of our Human Finance Project interviews. This blog post is part of a larger series detailing Taryn’s experiences and observations in being an integral part of the project–helping advisors tell their unique stories.


In previous blogs, I’ve mentioned that, as a kid, my exposure to role models in the financial industry was limited, especially when it came to women. On my middle school career day, they handed out information cards to the boys with titles like doctor, lawyer, accountant, and businessman. I got cruise director. I’m sure it’s a perfectly good way to make a living, but the message I internalized was that certain job opportunities did not apply to me.

Needless to say, when I interviewed a number of women who entered The Human Finance Project booth, I was curious. I asked each RIA what inspired her to take on this role, in a field primarily led by men.

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