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  • by Skip Schweiss
  • President, TD Ameritrade Trust Company
    Managing Director of Advisor Advocacy & Industry Affairs

Advocating for You: A Pause in Regulatory Action

TD Ameritrade Institutional’s own Skip Schweiss recently received the 2016 Insider’s Forum Leadership Award—reinforcing our position as a steadfast advocate for independent RIAs.

To ensure you get the most out of the meaningful work Skip does, we’re pleased to introduce his new blog series, Advocating for You. Here we will check in with Skip as he continues to give RIAs a voice in Washington, DC, and supports advisors throughout the country. We want to be sure you hear from him often, and have a way to connect with this great resource. It’s all for you.


2017: A Pause in Regulatory Action

We’ve had an active regulatory administration for the past eight years. Now the pendulum appears to be swinging in the other direction. Everything slows when there’s an administration change — even more so when there’s a party change, too. That’s why I foresee 2017 as a slow year when it comes to policy changes impacting investment advisers.

It’s crucial to note that the DOL Rule is not a policy change. It’s law.

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  • by Lindsay Troxell
  • Senior Consultant, Practice Management, TD Ameritrade Institutional

New Year, New You?

The New Year means resolutions for many. It’s a time when we can cast away our faults and start fresh with the promise of a better self. We reflect on shortcomings and strategize ways to overcome obstacles and achieve goals that have eluded us. For most, these promises we make to ourselves won’t last through the month. Why is that? What could possibly get in the way that is more important than a promise to be better than we were the year before? The answer is simple, because it requires Energy and Time and that’s Hard and it Hurts. The thought of putting effort into creating a detailed plan that we may or may not end up using is exhausting. It’s that kind of defeatist attitude that holds us back. But if we continue to do what we have always done, how do we ever expect to see different results?


If you’re ready to break the cycle of empty promises, here are 10 solid tips to creating New Year’s resolutions with purpose.

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  • by Sarah Stormberg

Need a break from the news? Try a podcast

We are creatures of habit. If you are like me, your morning routine includes a quick cup of coffee with the TV on in the background as you get ready for the day. Same channel. Every day. Whether we know it’s happening or not, our world view is shaped by what we see and hear day in and day out.


There is certainly a lot of change in our world, and I found myself needing to shake off the dust and try something different. Podcasts are a great way to hear something new. We’ve curated a list of great podcasts that I hope can help you look at your business—and maybe the world—from a new perspective.

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